In this episode of Learn­ing at the Edge, Kay Peter­son speaks with Greg Pawl­son and Jean John­son,  experts in health care and authors of the new book  “Advanc­ing Health­care Qual­i­ty and Safe­ty: Pro­tect­ing Patients, Improv­ing Lives.”

Both Greg and Jean have made huge con­tri­bu­tions to our nation­al health care qual­i­ty and safe­ty reform,  and are cur­rent­ly help­ing health care pro­fes­sion­als make advances in learn­ing through coach­ing and lead­er­ship development.

In Part II of Kay’s inter­view with Greg and Jean, they talk about how their exper­tise in health care fields is inte­grat­ed into their coach­ing. Health care work and coach­ing -- and also teach­ing -- are “help­ing” pro­fes­sions. And in health care, get­ting back to patient-cen­tered care, empha­siz­ing the patient rela­tion­ship, and learn­ing from and lis­ten­ing to the patient are all ways of bet­ter serv­ing health care clients.


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