The Experiential Educator: Principles and Practices of Experiential Learning

By Alice Y. Kolb and David A. Kolb

Edu­ca­tors who have dis­cov­ered expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing the­o­ry and applied its prin­ci­ples have expe­ri­enced a trans­for­ma­tion­al impact on the learn­ers they serve and on their own pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment. Alice Y. Kolb and David A. Kolb bring you these prin­ci­ples and prac­tices in their new com­pre­hen­sive hand­book, The Expe­ri­en­tial Edu­ca­tor. Inside this book you will find a prac­ti­cal descrip­tion of the prin­ci­ples of expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing dis­tilled from foun­da­tion­al schol­ars from William James and John Dewey to Carl Rogers and Paulo Freire. Become an expe­ri­en­tial edu­ca­tor and unleash the pow­er of expe­ri­en­tial learning.


“I gen­uine­ly believe Dave and Alice have done a stel­lar job with this book and it is a great tool for all edu­ca­tors worldwide.”
- Dr. Kleio Akrivou, asso­ciate pro­fes­sor of Busi­ness Ethics and Human Devel­op­ment, Uni­ver­si­ty of Reading