The Experiential
Learning Trainer

About the Course:

Leading learning programs – whether in-person, online, or in hybrid spaces – involves a new set of challenges that require trainers to adapt. Building connection, engagement, muscle-memory, and impact are more important than ever to ensure your programs stand apart from the rest.

Whether you are accustomed to call yourself a trainer or not, this program will provide the tools every facilitator, expert, evaluator, and coach need to create and lead holistic experiential learning programs.

This course applies Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory to the online environment to ensure the utmost engagement and effective outcomes from all perspectives:

  • the trainer/educator roles
  • the learner
  • the virtual space
  • online session design and delivery
  • and continuous improvement


Whether you typically lead sessions on  leadership, team building, business or biology, this program will equip you with the tools to design and deliver your content in an experiential, engaging, and informative manner. With an emphasis on practical application of virtual training and the self-discovery of the trainer, you will design an experiential training session, practice delivering it, receive personalized feedback from peers and facilitators, and determine ways to improve and continue your learning journey moving forward.

By the completion of this course, you will feel confident about applying experiential learning for impactful learning experiences for your specific target audience. You will hone your knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the emerging field of experiential online learning to become an exemplar.

What will you learn?

This program will equip you with the competences to execute effective live experiential online events.

The program includes:

  • Six 2-hour interactive small group online training sessions
  • 1 practicum for your to put your learning into practice through design and delivery
  • Personalized feedback on your online training design and delivery
  • Experiential Learning Assessment: The Kolb Experiential Learning Profile
  • Experiential Educator Assessment: Kolb Educator Role Profile

The topics of the sessions are:

Week 1:

Introduction to the Course – Getting to Know Myself and Others

  • Connect and get to know our community of learners
  • Develop your self-awareness regarding your personal training style, training strengths and challenges in the virtual setting

Week 2:

Online Experiential Learning

  • Identify the key pillars of experiential learning theory and how to put them into practice for any kind of online or in-person event

Week 3:

Online Engagement – Engaging all 9 Learning Styles Online

  • Increase your knowledge on the 9 different learning styles and learn how to engage and motivate learners no matter their preference throughout your training courses

Week 4:

Training Delivery – Overcoming Challenges to Online Learning

  • Raise your awareness on common obstacles that arise in virtual training and feel prepared and confident to leverage risk-management strategies and respond in the moment

Week 5:

Online Technological Tools to Enhance Meaningful Interaction

  • Grow your willingness to try out new technological tools in your sessions, and distinguish when is the appropriate time to use them

Week 6:

Practicum – Delivering Your Experiential Workshops

The Institute for Experiential Learning will facilitate learning experiences that include short content delivery via zoom, experimentation and application, and reflection/sense-making about application of Experiential Learning.

Week 7:

Evaluation Session and Planning Next Steps

  • Reflect on your learning journey and personal takeaways, and plan your next learning goals as an experiential trainer

While these will be the definitive topics of the online sessions, the exact content delivered within each module will be customized and tailored to the needs of your group. We will spend more time in areas and topics that the group deem important and necessary for their personal and professional development as experiential trainers.

Upon successful completion of each module and attendance in at least five of the six online sessions, individuals will receive a digital credential from the Institute for Experiential Learning.

How will you learn?

The Experiential Learning Trainer is a project-based, interactive online, synchronous learning program. The program is delivered in a once per week experiential virtual training session accompanied by asynchronous online content to deepen understanding and practical application. The class will meet for 6 learning sessions and one practicum over the course of 7 weeks.

During the practicum, you will deliver a session to peers in small working groups. We  will decide the date and time of the practicum based on your corresponding schedules. Included also are regular online peer communication for the purpose of feedback on training design and delivery.

What past participants have said:

“The course delivered massive amounts of information and experiences to make my synchronous online training and education sessions more engaging for my participants. I've worked with the Kolb model of Experiential Learning for years, but with the added complexity of virtual delivery, left me needing more information. With this course's final project, I found it transformative for my subject matter. Plus, the fresh ideas, problem-solving assistance and community resources made me an overall better trainer and teacher. After each session, I had something new to try and something new to share with my colleagues. Thank you, Romy and Experiential Learning Institute, for a great course!”

"If you ever thought online learning was boring, take this course. I found it to be helpful in building my confidence in delivering online training and it sparked my creativity in the use of technology. I learned that my my personal learning style could cause blind spots to the learning styles of others. Becoming aware of the other learning styles supported me in designing a more inclusive learning environment."

“What I'm walking away with, however, is more than what I expected, because everything that I was exposed to relative to virtual delivery, relative to experiential learning, I could use in spades in face-to-face venues.”

About your trainer: Romy Alexandra

Romy Alexandra is a Learning Experience Designer, Experiential Learning Trainer, and International Facilitator on a mission to humanize learning spaces. She’s passionate about designing and delivering impactful events that integrate experiential learning, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and the neuroscience of learning. With over a decade of international facilitation experience in 40+ countries across 4 continents, Romy supports entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations across the globe to transform information into impactful experiences (online, offline, or hybrid). Romy holds multiple certifications in Experiential Learning and Psychological Safety and has been a faculty member at the Institute for Experiential Learning since 2020. She’s worked with clients such as Netflix, Allianz, ASICS, the UAE Government, UNDP, UN Women, The Red Cross, the University of Maryland, Brown University, and many more.