“Learning at the Edge” Podcast’s First Guest: Kevin Eikenberry

Kay Peterson

I have long found that the best way to spread the word about experiential learning is through people: People’s experiences in using experiential learning to lead, handle change, communicate, relate, and succeed.

When I decided to join the ranks of podcasters, it was obvious to me that my podcast should be interviews with people.

This week I launch Learning at the Edge, a podcast in which I interview leaders, educators, learners, authors and other fascinating people who have found ways to successfully learn through their experience and can share some of these experiences.  We have called the podcast  “Learning at the Edge” because learning happens in a space in-between where there is instability, unknowing and vulnerability.

My first guest fits that to a tee. Kevin Eikenberry is a world renowned leadership expert, best-selling author, trainer, coach, leader, podcaster and lifelong learner. He recently published The Long-Distance Teammate, the ultimate guide for remote workers who want to stay engaged as team members. In my interview with him, he shares his expertise in remote work and the importance of building and maintaining relationships with your co-workers and team members, even when you’re working remotely.

“Your technical or your subject matter skills perhaps will get you the job. But your success in any job — fifty years ago, five years ago, fifteen years from now — will be about your ability to create and maintain and build relationships.”

~ Kevin Eikenberry

I’m so happy to share with you my conversation with Kevin in this debut episode of Learning at the Edge.

Listen here.

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