Learning for Life: An Interview with Mukta Arya

Kay Peterson

An interesting thing happened to Mukta Arya on her way to becoming a bio technology professional: She changed paths, got an MBA, and began a career in corporate human resources. The impetus? Her desire to help people.

“I felt very drawn to it,” she said. “I find it very exciting. It’s like you’re helping others and it gives a lot of satisfaction to me.”

I sat down recently with Mukta for a conversation about lifelong learning and how she has used experiential learning in her work in human resources, in her life, and in adapting to living in different countries and cultures.

“I’m still on this journey,” she said. “It’s not yet over because there are plenty of things I’m aware I still have to work on.”

Mukta Arya is head of human resources, Southeast Asia, and Head of Talent Development and Inclusion, Asia Pacific, for Societe Generale, a leading multinational investment bank and financial services company. Born and raised in India, she worked in Mumbai and Hong Kong before relocating to Singapore, where she currently lives and works.

Her love of learning and a lifelong curiosity helped her succeed in working with and understanding people with varying learning styles. At Societe Generale, she uses the principles of experiential learning to encourage innovation with employees, and implement the company’s mission of diversity and inclusion.

She is the author of two collections of poetry, Wanton Thoughts and 3:15 pm Musings in Hong Kong and two memoirs, Whimsical Times: Memories from Hong Kong and Criss Cross: A Medley of Thoughts.

Listen in on my conversation with Mukta here and stay tuned for more conversations with learning enthusiasts in my new podcast Learning for Life with Kay Peterson.

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