Learning to Team
Teaming to Learn

Applying EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING to Succeed Together

Unleash your individual and team potential by linking the process of learning with teamwork, understanding your preferences for using it, and applying it to drive team effectiveness.

A Live Virtual Program to Transform Your Team Experience and Effectiveness

Have you ever been on a team that did not get things done or worked with people that did not click?  Does being on a high functioning team feel like a stroke of good luck or random event?

Learning to Team, Teaming to Learn will give you the tools and mindset to launch and operate any team with an intentional process and essential awareness of yourself and others.

Program Goal

To activate the power of learning from experience at the individual and team level, introducing a process that contributes to personal agency, team effectiveness, and a learning organization

Benefits of Team Learning:

  • Teams increase performance and achieve better outcomes even with non-routine complex tasks 
  • Team members raise awareness of self and others to appreciate deep diversity and value members’ contributions 
  • Teams decrease interpersonal conflict and increase member satisfaction and psychological safety

Benefits of Experiential Learning for the individual:

  • Promotes agency and effectiveness in performance, learning, and development
  • Increases self-awareness, a key driver in leadership and life success
  • Improves ability to manage volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity 
  • Raises appreciation for deep diversity and various perspectives
  • Increases knowledge transfer, retention, and learning in the flow of work

Program Outcomes:

New participants will:

  • adopt a research-based process of learning and link its use to decision-making, joining a new company, and working on a team
  • build self-awareness of personal strengths and challenges and appreciation of diversity in others
  • demonstrate the ability to flex out of their comfort zone
  • adopt a team process (to be used with each team formation) that will promote team effectiveness

Program Design:

Design elements:  

  • Short prework assessment 
  • Live virtual learning experiences conducted on zoom or in person live virtual session


Complete the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP), a short online assessment that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Each member will receive a personalized report that illuminates preferences for approaching situations including teamwork.

Live Virtual Events:

The Institute for Experiential Learning will facilitate learning experiences that include short content delivery via zoom, experimentation and application, and reflection/sense-making about application of Experiential Learning.

Session 1: Experiential Learning for attaining self-awareness and increased effectiveness working in teams

Participants will debrief their KELP results and bring to life the impact of learning in their day to day lives.  They will experience the strengths and challenges of their learning preferences and determine how stretching from their comfort zone can impact their team membership and personal effectiveness.


Participants will debrief the Kolb Team Learning Profile, including team process, team profile, team roles, and continuous improvement. They will experience how the learning cycle, learning styles and team roles can influence team decision-making through a live virtual experience.  Finally, participants will commit to developing flexibility and the team will commit to continuous improvement through after-action reviews.


Embracing the team experience, participants with focus on team decision making and strategies. Learning how to manage conflict and reflecting on the decisions they made. Extract learning and takeaways after applying the Learning Cycle to the workplace to apply processes for the future.

Session 4: Support the Team to be flexible and adaptable

Each primary style has it strengths and challenges. In this session participants will learn the value and steps to flex to another style to support the cohesiveness of the team.

Session 5: Evaluation and Celebration

Participants with reflect on their individual and team journey and evaluate their growth and performance during this program. Celebrating the success each member has made along the way.