Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP) – Individual Purchase

Providing learners with a self-reflective tool to help them understand how they learn from experience and their unique individual approach to learning.

To purchase one or more Kolb Experiential Learning Profiles for participants other than yourself, use the group purchase option to coordinate a program to provide learners with a self-reflective tool to help them understand how they learn from experience and their unique individual approach to learning.


Get the latest version of the original Learning Style Inventory developed by David A. Kolb. Like its predecessors, the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP) is based on experiential learning theory and is designed to help individuals identify the way they learn from experience. This is deceptively important since learning is the primary process used to navigate life. All change, innovation, teamwork, decision-making, resilience, and leadership require learning and development.



Individuals use the KELP to boost self-awareness and receive a map with ideas for immediate improvement and development moving forward.

Educators use it to discover their own preferences, understand learners who are different from them, and empower learners to take charge of their own learning.

Team leaders use it to tap deep diversity and team member strengths, minimize conflict, and improve effectiveness.

Professionals use the KELP to build awareness of themselves and others, improve teamwork and collaboration, understand their clients, and unleash potential.

Organizations use the KELP and Experiential Learning solutions to boost organizational learning capacity, develop leaders, promote diversity and inclusion, and inspire employees to become better.

Coaches use the KELP and complete the KELP Certification Program to mine the gold from this unique tool for self-awareness and awareness of others with team members, employees, clients, and students.


This affordable, highly validated, research-based typology takes about 10 minutes to complete online.

We regret that we are not able to provide refunds once purchase is completed.


If you are interested in purchasing one or more Kolb Experiential Learning Profiles (KELP) for participants other than yourself please see our KELP Group Purchasing Options.

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NEW Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Application Guide

Innovation is essential to address the rapidly evolving challenges posed by technological advancements like AI, sustainability, and global economic and demographic shifts. It enables you to develop solutions, stay competitive, and adapt to the complexities of a dynamic world.

Many organizations use Lean entrepreneurship as approach to maximize value while minimizing waste and resource expenditure. Experiential Learning explains how the Lean startup method works, and connects steps in the Lean process to different regions of the learning cycle and specific learning styles. 

ELevate Innovation: Develop Innovation Behaviors with Experiential Learning is a custom guide that links Kolb Experiential Learning Profile data about learning preferences to innovation behaviors. This guide describes how every learning region is essential to innovation, and research shows that great innovators do tend to exhibit certain key innovation behaviors.

Discover how your learning preferences offer innovation strengths and challenges, and how you can consciously develop innovation behaviors and skills. Acquiring learning flexibility in all nine learning styles gives you the broadest possible learning repertoire and makes it easier to adapt your learning to different situations.  This will also make you more flexible in life.

How it works:

  • You will take the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile and review the results
  • Next, you will receive the custom ELevate Innovation: Develop Innovation Behaviors with Experiential Learning. This guide contains an actionable coaching combination: Kolb Experiential Learning Profile paired with insights on how-to increase your effectiveness as an innovator


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Contact Us for Custom Program Delivery of the Experiential Learning Certificate Program

The Experiential Learning Certificate Program is targeted to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of experiential learning and apply it in their own context. The program is based on the principles and practices of David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory, an integrated, holistic, practical system for addressing the learning and development challenges of the 21st century.


The Experiential Learning Certificate Program includes a flipped classroom of asynchronous online content with interactive discussion groups facilitated by experiential learning experts. The program also includes one individual coaching session to build self-awareness and personal effectiveness, and weekly peer coaching sessions to deepen learning.

Read more

This program applies Kolb Experiential Learning Theory from all perspectives: the trainer-educator, the learner, the virtual space, online program design and delivery, and continuous improvement. This unique program focuses on the practical application of experiential learning and the self-discovery and development of the trainer who is navigating the transition between in person workshops to online training.

Weekly live virtual sessions include 6 classes and one practicum.

Thursdays from September 26 onwards for 7 weeks from 12pm-2pm EDT.  Please register by September 1


Please contact us for custom program options.


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