This assessment and guide will jump-start your team to high performance and effectiveness while you learn to succeed together.

The Team Learn­ing Report is designed to give teams and their team mem­bers infor­ma­tion about one anoth­er and their team’s pur­pose based on the sur­vey they com­plete.  It guides teams through the team learn­ing process and iden­ti­fies the spe­cif­ic strengths required for each step in that process.

Team­work is the num­ber one glob­al work­force trend across all indus­tries. Teams achieve effec­tive­ness through col­lec­tive­ly learn­ing from their expe­ri­ence. The Team Learn­ing Report will guide your team through this team learn­ing process, pro­vid­ing insight into how team mem­bers can use their strengths and their aware­ness of their fel­low team mem­bers’ strengths to cre­ate high­ly effec­tive teams.

Although teams are expect­ed to pro­vide out­comes greater than the sum of indi­vid­ual mem­bers’ con­tri­bu­tions, few peo­ple have ever learned how to be a valu­able team mem­ber or how suc­cess­ful teams work. Effec­tive teams have the capac­i­ty to self-man­age their work process through knowl­edge of their mem­bers’ capa­bil­i­ties and project requirements.

Team mem­bers will be able to:

  • Iden­ti­fy learn­ing strengths and link them to the team learn­ing process.
  • Gain insight into the actions they can take to make an impact on the team and how they can con­tribute to team leadership.
  • Increase their under­stand­ing of the pref­er­ences of oth­er team mem­bers and how they add val­ue to team learning.

By fol­low­ing the guid­ance in the Team Learn­ing Report, teams make the process of team learn­ing explic­it and con­tin­ue to build more capac­i­ty for learn­ing and effec­tive­ness. Teams that use this team learn­ing process say they expe­ri­ence less inter­per­son­al con­flict and achieve bet­ter out­comes, espe­cial­ly in high­ly com­plex envi­ron­ments that involve non-rou­tine tasks.

How It Works

  • A min­i­mum of 6 team mem­bers and up to 15 mem­bers may be pur­chased per Team Learn­ing Report.
  • The Team Learn­ing Report is a valu­able lead-in to our High Per­for­mance Teams: Learn­ing to Suc­ceed Togeth­er (For Team Lead­ers and Train­ers) [link to that pro­gram’ Infor­ma­tion page] and High Per­for­mance Teams: Learn­ing to Suc­ceed Togeth­er (For Teams) [link to that course’s Infor­ma­tion page]

Who Should Take This Assessment?

Teams in all cor­po­rate, edu­ca­tion­al and orga­ni­za­tion­al settings.


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