Michellana Jester

Michellana Jester is a Lecturer in the Global Economics and Management Group at MIT Sloan School of Management (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Michellana designs innovative and impactful learning experiences to assist learners to advance their personal and professional goals, as well as advance the strategic goals of their organization. With more than two decades of experience in strategic management consulting, organizational and leadership development, Michellana has worked with a variety of organizations – from corporations to higher education- to face complex challenges and move to action.

Michellana has written and presented her research on adult learning, human resource and organizational development in a variety of forums including the Academy of Management; and she has been featured in Financial Times, Fast Company, The Smart Manager, BizEd Magazine, and Psychology Today. In addition to completing certificate programs from Yale School of Management, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Management, IDEO and the Institute for Experiential Learning, Michellana holds a Doctorate degree from Columbia University and a Master’s degree from Harvard University.