Romy Alexandra

Romy Alexandra is a freelance experiential learning trainer based in Europe. As of 2020, Romy has implemented almost 1,000 hours of experiential trainings for 2,300 youth, educators and trainers in 20 countries, across four continents.

Born and raised in New York City, Romy’s passion for experiential learning and non-formal education began when she served in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Moldova. As a community and organizational development advisor, Romy’s work focused on designing and delivering educational programs on the topics of leadership, community development, and anti-human trafficking. In 2014, Romy was awarded a Fulbright research grant in Romania, where she worked with non-governmental organizations to research innovative new methods of human trafficking prevention for at-risk youth. These experiences inspired her passion for working with youth through non-formal education and experiential learning, and empowering individuals to be community change-makers.

In 2016, Romy worked as a training and curriculum development consultant for the organization Project Potential based in Bihar, India. She led experiential trainings in rural areas on topics such as child marriage, human trafficking, gender-based violence, gender equality, identity, active citizenship, and more. For her youth work focused on human trafficking prevention, youth leadership development, and experiential learning, Romy was awarded a “Milli Award” in 2016 by Westfair Communications; she was recognized as a Millennial Under 30 Changing the World.

As an international youth leadership coach in collaboration with the organization, LEAP4change, Romy empowered youth to be emotionally intelligent leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers in their communities. In 2018, she taught an independent study course at Brown University titled ”Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership.”

Romy is certified in experiential learning by the Institute of Experiential Learning in the United States and is certified in Experiential Critical Pedagogy and Pedagogy of the Oppressed by the International Experiential Learning Network (IELN) in Europe. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management.

Romy has found her life purpose in empowering individuals to harness their own potential through experiential learning. She continues to train internationally in the topics of self-leadership, emotional intelligence, human rights, community development, life purpose, and other soft skills for personal and professional development.