Thank you for sign­ing up for the Expe­ri­en­tial Learn­ing Com­mu­ni­ty of Practice.

We strive to con­nect and sup­port mem­bers of our com­mu­ni­ty through meet­ings and social media engage­ment. We share new top­ics con­nect­ed to expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing, exchange oppor­tu­ni­ties for pilot audi­ences for new pro­grams, engage in con­ver­sa­tion­al learn­ing sim­ply out of curios­i­ty for the topic.

Con­nect with us and let us know how you are apply­ing expe­ri­en­tial learn­ing in your life and work.

Here are some ways to stay connected:

  • Attend our Expe­ri­en­tial Learn­ing Con­fer­ence. Every year we meet to learn more about this top­ic we love. High­lights of the two-day event include a research update by Alice and David Kolb and new appli­ca­tions by expe­ri­en­tial edu­ca­tors. Due to the pan­dem­ic, the 2021 con­fer­ence will be virtual.
  • Join our vir­tu­al meet­ings. In addi­tion to the annu­al con­fer­ence, we meet three times a year vir­tu­al­ly by Zoom. The next meet­ing is sched­uled for 4 p.m. EST March 11, 2021. We occa­sion­al­ly host study groups and pop-up con­ver­sa­tions, as well. We would love to hear your ideas for new Com­mu­ni­ty of Prac­tice events.