Amplify your Impact
with Experiential Learning.

Elevate Your Learning Power

You are on a journey to leave a mark, to learn and develop from every experience and become better. But what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Experiential Learning empowers people toward unstoppable progress to reach their own potential and help others to reach theirs.


Increase engagement and deepen learning for a diverse group of students as you instill them with agency.

Coaches & Mentors

Develop the range, resilience and flexibility needed to help others thrive in complex, challenging situations as you are empowered to do the same.


Help leaders, teams improve their agility, resilience, and ability to collaborate and innovate effectively. Engage and develop employees, and build traction with DEI, Sustainability, and Agile initiatives.


How you learn is how you live. Become a more effective learner, communicator and designer of your life as you continue to thrive in rapidly changing contexts.

Improve your effectiveness, expand your range.

Be able to dial up the capabilities that any scenario calls for — from planner, to achiever as a learner and facilitator, to expert as an educator. See what the moment calls for, and move toward it with agility and confidence to create impact. Learn how Experiential Learning is more than a pedagogy or design technique. It is a way of living life. Begin your journey today.

Why Experiential Learning, Why Now?

In a time when chaos is the new order, and change is the only constant, increasing your learning capacity is the key to unstoppable progress.

That starts with understanding the experiential learning process, discovering the impact of your preferences for using it, and developing the capabilities that strengthen your range. Then you can apply the method to become better as an educator, leader, coach, mentor and collaborator.

As the exclusive provider of the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP) and the Kolb Team Learning Profile, we can guide you on your unique journey.  Our programs  and rigorous process combines proven research-based methodology with a highly personalized journey delivered in ways that address individual needs and lead to remarkable results.

Contact Us for Custom Program Delivery of the Experiential Learning Certificate Program

The Experiential Learning Certificate Program is targeted to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of experiential learning and apply it in their own context. The program is based on the principles and practices of David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory, an integrated, holistic, practical system for addressing the learning and development challenges of the 21st century.


The Experiential Learning Certificate Program includes a flipped classroom of asynchronous online content with interactive discussion groups facilitated by experiential learning experts. The program also includes one individual coaching session to build self-awareness and personal effectiveness, and weekly peer coaching sessions to deepen learning.

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This program applies Kolb Experiential Learning Theory from all perspectives: the trainer-educator, the learner, the virtual space, online program design and delivery, and continuous improvement. This unique program focuses on the practical application of experiential learning and the self-discovery and development of the trainer who is navigating the transition between in person workshops to online training.

Weekly live virtual sessions include 6 classes and one practicum.

Thursdays from September 26 onwards for 7 weeks from 12pm-2pm EDT.  Please register by September 1


Please contact us for custom program options.


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August 5-8, 2024

The Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Certification Program is designed to share the attitudes, knowledge and skills you will need to introduce, administer and debrief the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP). It will help you communicate the richness and benefits of living life as a learner and ignite this power within others.

For more information about the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Certification Program, please view this description. .

The Kolb Experiential Learning Profile Certification Program will meet from August 5-8, 2024 from 8:00am- 11:00am EDT.

11 ICF CCE Credits
CC 6, RD 5


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