Educators and Trainers

use the Experiential Learning process to improve student engagement and outcomes.

Coaches and Mentors

use the Experiential Learning process to reach their own potential as they help coachees and mentees to reach theirs.


use the Experiential Learning process to meet life challenges, promote curiosity, improve relationships, and to be happier.


improve effectiveness, profitability, and outcomes as they minimize interpersonal conflict.

The Experiential Learning

Value Proposition

Your approach to learning influences how you think, work, live and interact with others.  Understanding the experiential learning framework and your personal learning style profile will enable you to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Tackle complex work tasks more quickly and effectively
  • Develop and manage high powered teams with diverse learning styles
  • Become more innovative and entrepreneurial
  • Avoid commonplace work performance and career pitfalls
  • Collaborate more effectively with your boss, co-workers and employees
  • Become a more intellectually, emotionally and socially competent leader
  • Become a better manager by empowering others to continuously improve
  • Become a better educator by learning how to connect with a diverse range of students

Educators and trainers improve their skills by learning how to connect with a diverse group of students and use the experiential learning framework for deep learning.

Teams improve their effectiveness, outcomes, and profitability; appreciate deep diversity and inclusion, and minimize interpersonal conflict.

Organizations become more agile, innovative, strategic, and deliberately developmental.

Learning that sets you apart

Continuous change requires continuous learning.

At the Institute for Experiential Learning, we make learning explicit. Our rigorous process combines the widely recognized research-based methodology of Kolb Experiential Learning with a highly personalized journey of learning and change delivered in ways that address your unique needs.

When people use our process and share our approach, they improve their effectiveness and unleash their potential. Our approach delivers better, faster and more sustainable results.

Announcing the NEW Kolb Experiential Learning Profile

Develop learning capacity and unlock potential by providing everyone with a self-reflective tool to help them understand how to learn from experience and their unique approach to learning and living.

Culminating 50 years of research on Experiential Learning Theory, learning styles and learning flexibility, Experience Based Learning Systems, LLC, announces the release of the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile (KELP), available from the Institute for Experiential Learning.

The KELP replaces the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 4.0 (KLSI 4.0) as the most current deliberately developmental approach to increasing learning power, being more effective, and becoming a lifelong learner.

What Is Experiential Learning?

Learning is the primary process by which we navigate life. It is the way we make decisions; solve problems; work on teams; engage with work and colleagues; learn new knowledge, skills and mindsets; and, the way we live, in general.

Yet, few people consider how they learn.

Some 50 years ago, David Kolb identified an ideal process of learning that is probably different than the way you learned in school. By understanding and using this process, people improve their effectiveness and unleash their potential. When teams, organizations and institutions do this, they leverage the power of using a shared language and operating system that acts as a catalyst for learning and development.


What are the benefits of using Experiential Learning as an approach?

For Individuals, experiential learning can help you:

  • Increase self-awareness and appreciation of others who are different from you
  • Experience greater personal effectiveness, maturity, choice, and flexibility in life – in short, more happiness – and empower you to take charge of your own learning and life

For Teams, experiential learning will:

  • Make your team more effective, more profitable, and experience less conflict
  • Give your team a shared team process model and leadership that propels success

For Educators, Coaches and Mentors, experiential learning:

  • Is a widely recognized, research-based methodology of learning and how people change
  • Eliminates blind spots and increases awareness of one’s preferences and approaches and their impact

For Organizations and Institutions, experiential learning:

  • Is a shared-process model to learn faster in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous context of today’s world



Experiential Learning Certificate Level 1 (beginning November 27, 2023)

Unleash your potential as a learner, an educator, a trainer, a coach and a leader by making the Kolb Experiential Learning process work for all aspects of your life and work.



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